I had to unfollow you.

Because I knew it was the first step
towards unloving you.
Even if you left my heart in shreds
I knew I could never truly let you go.

I see you everyday.
Every hour.
Every second.
I see you in my dreams and reality.

I look at you in the hallways
but you don't

I feel a overcome of different emotions,
when I look at you.
But yours is a blank canvas.
Wiped away,
of emotions we felt together
and memories we had.
While mine-
is a whole gallery, open for display.

I see pictures of us on my phone,
still there resting with all our emotions and memories we shared.
Yours is probably deleted.
But now it's just you.
And your new girlfriend.

I re-read our chats.
Hoping for satisfaction,
while crying in a pool of puddles.
I know you not feeling the same.
Because I just saw your update with
"date with bae"

Unfollowing you -
was the best path to getting over you.
Because I knew this journey is going to be a long one
to unloving you.


This is just something I wrote last night at 2am, after finishing this really good book. I got in my feels because one my favorite characters died 😂