I was inspired by:

Name: Megan Parrish

Age: 20 years

She is from family of hunters


ian somerhalder, tvd, and damon image elena gilbert, tvd, and Nina Dobrev image michael trevino, tyler, and the vampire diaries image candice accola and caroline forbes image tvd, kai+parker, and kol+michaelson+ image babe, beautiful, and danielle campbell image

Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Forbes, Kol Mikaelson, Kai Parker and Davina Claire


Nina Dobrev, catherine pierce, and Нина Добрев image

Catherine Pierce


the vampire diaries, steven r. mcqueen, and jeremy gilbert image jeremy gilbert image

Of course Jeremy Gilbert


fashion, fashionable, and girl image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion image dress and fashion image


girl, maggie lindemann, and hair image Image by mojalbher


She may seem cold-blooded, but in fact, she is a girl with a deeply wounded soul.


words image grunge, indie, and quotes image flowers, aesthetic, and happy image heart, grunge, and quotes image words and 13 reasons why image selena gomez, quotes, and back to you image


pizza, food, and yummy image coffee and food image aesthetic, old, and read image lilac, purple, and flowers image


Image by beatricebaticeer arrow, archery, and bow image