hi everyone, welcome to my first article!
i decided to start writing articles on weheartit, so i'm counting on you guys to support me in this journey. here's my first article where i'm gonna be talking about my favourite movies, i hope you'll enjoy!! if you do, please follow my articles collection linked on the bottom where i'll put all of my articles once i've written them so that you can find them easily. okay, let's get started! (these aren't in a specific order, these are all just movies i love)

spiderman : homecoming

spiderman, tom holland, and Marvel image
i love all of the spiderman movies, but if i had to choose one, i'd choose homecoming for sure! i think tom holland is the best spiderman as well as the best peter parker. so many other great actors play in this movie too, like zendaya, laura harrier or jacob batalon. i love them all lots and i really think this movie is amazing. if you haven't seen it yet, go watch it!! even if you're not that much into marvel and superhero movies, i'm pretty sure you'll love it.

la la land

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god, this movie is so amazing. i'm truly in love with it. i don't you if you guys know dodie or orion carloto? they are youtubers who both made videos about this movie and honestly they're such a MOOD!! the movie is so cute and truly makes your heart melt, even though the end broke my heart. i mean, in some kind of way it's beautiful, but it's also heartbreaking. please watch this movie and you'll understand what i mean! sidenote, the soundtrack is so beautiful and made me cry for days. such a lovely movie with great actors too.

the greatest showman

the greatest showman image
the second this movie started, i just knew how much i was gonna love it. it started with this song and them dancing on it and if you didn't notice yet, i LOVE those kinda movies where music is a big part of it. so through the whole movie, i was just so happy with all this music. i cried so many times during the movie, i cried of sadness but also of happiness and i don't even know man it's just an amazing movie that i've watched so many times already. i love it so much.

the kissing booth

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me being the hopeless romantic i am loved this movie so so so much, more than you could ever imagine. it's so freaking cute!! it's reaaally cheesy, so if you're not into that, don't watch it because you'll hate. it's literally adapted from a wattpad story lmao, but don't let that turn you off, i swear if you're a hopeless romantic like me you'll love it. the couple in the movie is also dating in real life, so after crying over the movie, you can cry over them!!

the maze runner

newt, thomas, and the maze runner image
this trilogy is one of my favourites ever. i saw the first movie a month after it came out, read all the books, watched the movie again and ever since have been in love with it. the books are amazing, but so are the movies (especially the last one being the death cure). i love the cast so much, i've been following them for more than 3 years now and it amazes me to see how much they've grown as actors as well as as people. i made lots of friends through these movies and i really hold this trilogy close to my heart.

high school musical

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i am SORRY but i couldn't make this list without including this legendary trilogy. i don't care what you're gonna say, but high school musical is one of the best things ever made. i know many people hate it because you know, it's cheesy, the plot is kind of shitty and whatever, but please just put your criticizing mind aside for a minute and just appreciate the fun of it!! the songs are bops, the plot is funny and it's so relaxing. i have so many great memories related to hsm, i could never leave it out of this list.


coco, disney, and pixar image
i don't think that if you ask me what my favourite movies are i'd immediately respond with coco, but i was thinking about it right now and i really liked the movie, so why not include it. the movie was so beautiful (and made me cry), it just really got me in my feels? the story is so beautiful and disney always does an amazing job, so if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?
i guess that was it for todays article! please send me some love if you read it and/or liked it, i can't wait to write more articles, i really enjoyed doing this! if you want to talk about this article or just get to know me, don't hesitate and send me a message. if you want to read more of my articles, you can follow my collection linked underneath where i'll put all my articles. much love, katia ♥