Things to do alone:

(re)decorate and organize your room

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start by getting inspired (I love watching room tour videos) and getting rid of everything you don't need anymore. If you want to get creative, you can make diy room decor.

start a bullet journal, art journal or travel journal

Have fun with this! You can get very creative and doodle or paint in it, or you can just write about your day.

try new recipes

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if there's a special occasion, you could try making a beautiful cake

go for a walk

try a new makeup look or hairstyle

have a spa day

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do a hair mask, face mask, moisturize your whole body, paint your nails...

sunbathe to get a nice tan

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make sure to use sunscreen!!

do at-home workouts (there are so many youtube videos on this), don't forget to stretch and drink lots of water!

practice drawing or painting

prepare yourself for the new school year

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you can quickly revise your subjects and make sure you have all the school supplies you need

Things to do with friends

have a photoshoot!

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it can be very fun to try to recreate celebrity photos

have a sleepover or a movie night

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have a picnic

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it's so much fun when everyone brings something to eat/drink, so you have lots of yummy food

go out, if you're old enough :)

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watch the sunset

do karaoke at home

bake something (and eat it😋)

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do eachothers makeup and hair

go shopping

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visit a city near you and do all the tourist attractions (like museums, old buildings...)

go swimming

have a bonfire

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those are all my ideas, I hope this inspired you and I hope you have a wonderful summer!
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