Hello beautiful people, today I come to you with a slightly different topic. Today I'm gonna talk about selfcare, to be exact, happiness. Unfortunatly happiness is something that is missed in the lifes of many people, sometimes because of other people and what they said, and sometimes because of ourselves. The goal of this article is to try and show you that happiness isn't impossible.
there are a couple of steps you can take to make yourself feel happy, such as giving yourself rewards for reaching some mildstones. So, first, I'll try and tell you what I do when I feel unhappy.

Sometimes I feel like the world is against me, that I'm missunderstood, neglected and unimportat. That is why I started doing little things for myself that make me feel good and here I'll tell you what works for me;
  • Work out

I like the feeling working out gives me, it's like a lot of negative energy gets out of me. Also it feels like crying without crying. You are getting in shape, helping your helth and looking fenomenal at the same time, so no wonder it makes you feel good. If you think I'm saying this cause I'm an excercise junkie, I'm not, I used to work out 5 days a week when I was feeling my lowest, for 2 hours, and now I work out every dayy for about 5 minutes through an app called 'BETTER ME', which I would highly recomend. Also to relif stress try 15 min a day of Yoga.

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  • Stop eating junk food and drink more water

OK, this is starting to sound like an ordinary advice, but belive me you will feel better as soon as you cut out junk food. I'm a hugeee fan of junk food, I love making it, ordering it, eating it, watching it and smelling it. Those who have read 'BLOG 12 – 20 things about me' know I live for tacos and burgers. Unfortunatley I started to see a difference in the way I acted and when everithing was wrong I would resort to junk food, which only made me feel worrest cause then I would feel guilti for eating an entire pizza, for an example. So I cut myself off junk food and people started complimenting me on how good my skin looks and how my body looks beautiful and strong which gave me confidence. Don't get me wrong I still do eat a taco or two sometimes but it happens once a month cause I gave up the habbit. Also I started to drink so much water that my skin is glowing now in comparison with two or 3 months ago. And please do not take this as 'going on a diet', this is not it, it's just cutting off food that is meant to be eaten sometimes and not once a week or more.

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  • Cut the haters off

You see I had a couple of, let's call them friends, who would tell me I'm short, fat and that i have yellow hair like a MINION... and although many people gave me compliments I was always thinking that they were lying to me, cause real friends will tell you when you do something wrong or gain a few pounds or anything. Once the words hurt me so bad I came home and started to histerically cry and my mom just looked at me and said ' those girls are not your friends, they tell you this things to make you feel sad and to doubt yourself. You are what they want to be, you have everything and people tell you that every day, but those girls are so deep in your mind that they control you. You have to stand up for yourself and start ignoring them cause that is the one thing they crave, attention.'
So I listend and startet to ignore them and saw how weak and pathetic they were. Girls always, but ALWAYS, listen to your mother. She may be anoying at the moment, but she knows what's best for her child.

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  • Put yourself first

Sometimes it's OK to go out dancing with your friends, or to say no cause you wanna stay in the house and watch Disney. Don't be afraid to please yourself. If you overwork yourself you'll be missrable and if you do something for yourself you'll feel relif.

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  • Spa days

So when I feel kinda down Iike to make myself look and feel pretty. I exfoliate, slap on a mask, shvae myself, wash my hair and sometimes do a hairdo if I'm going to get drinks with my friends later. Also, i put on really cute underwear and an oversized t-shirt and watch movies.

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that is all I have for you today and if you liked this article I'll think about doing a part 2 if there is going to be much interest, and if you wanna read some more articles here is my collection and stay tuned ;