My next two books which I started writing were Creating The Silence and A Pioneers Love. These books were planned and slowly written on Wattpad on November 2017. I was so excited about them,I still am because I could feel taking a new distinct direction in the art of writing. It was probably my way of writing. How I started seeing writing. There is so much more than to just carrying the burden of sitting down almost everyday to fit the deadline of writing six books in nine months. I did that! The whole of 2017 was filled with the idea of seeing writing as a burden. It got so time consuming to write six books in one day with only about 800 words. Yeah, I know I was probably way too ambitious.

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But these next two books were sort of a magical way to enhance my writing time without too much effort, like working smarter but not harder kind of way. I must say the direction I was taking was earth shattering, mouth- watering. I got down with writing the first book which was Creating The Silence. I read somewhere that the best writing is actually writing from experience. It is important that a person writes from experience. I decided to write about something that hit home. I developed the characters quite creatively. I used twin characters, since I am also a twin. Willow and Winona. Its a chicklit novel which means it shows a young girl, Willow adapting to life after high school and growing up and finding her place in life;Falling in love and moving away from home.

I am quite proud of this novel. I plan on finishing it in a year. So by November, maybe even December, I hope that I actually finish writing it. You can check it out on Wattpad. My goal is writing at least 56000 to 60000 words for the novel. Guess what? I even hope I publish it!
There is so much to writing. I learned that by trying new writing skills every step of the way which is not a bad thing. So if you are a writer, find your place in writing by trying out every possible thing there is to know about writing.

See you soon....