Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I did an article and in the last one I did I said that I would do another one where you get to know me better so.. I guess this is it.
I hope you enjoy it!

A- Age:

girl, balloons, and 16 image

B- Best movie:
Marvel and Harry Potter

awesome, bucky, and captain america image castle, night, and wizards image
Preferably Captain America: The Winters Soldier

C- Current time:
16:30 / 4:30pm

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D- Drink I last had:
Sparkling water

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E- Everyday starts with:

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after waking up

F- Favorite song:
Paradise by Coldplay

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G- Grossest memory:
Nothing comes to my mind at the moment...

H- Height:

I- In love with:
Book characters and celebrities.

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J- Jealousy:
I’m not a jealous person and I really don’t like being jealous.

K- Killed someone?:
only in my head

Image by babygirl

L- Last time I cried:

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Started crying bc of The Originals (tv series) and then ended up crying over other things too

M- Middle name:

N- Number of siblings:
Two younger siblings, a sister and a brother

family, mom, and daughter image kid image baby, dress, and boy image kids, baby, and family image

O- One wish:
To be genuinely happy.

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P- Person you last called/texted:
My best friend.

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Q- Question you're always asked:
Wait.. you have braces?!

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R- Reason to smile:
Traveling, music, books, movies, rainy days and love.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It consert, otra, and fireworks image book and library image friends, movie, and home image city image black&white, kiss, and couple image

*S-*Song last sang:
Better now by Post Malone

post malone and music image post, song, and malone image

T- Time you woke up:

U- Underwear color:

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V- Vacation places:
Rio de Janeiro, London and New York

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W- Worst habit:
Being too much a perfectionist.

X- X-rays you've had:
Like maybe one?

Y- Your favorite food:
Hamburger or/and tenderloin

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Z- Zodiac sign:

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