I'm tired. I am tired of our society. a society in which we are judged only by appearance. people believe that tattoos, piercings and blacks are drugged things. that metal music, the emo people, are depressed or satanic. Well, do you know something? It is not so. we're in the fucking 2018. open your fucking minds and stop thinking about stupid things. the metal is not satanic, it is not the music of the devil. Emo people are not depressed and do not spend their life in the dark to get depressed or cut their wrists. It is not so. if a person has tattoos it's not bad. if he has piercings, he will not take drugs. and stop joking all those who have a few extra pounds. ugly is not synonymous with plump. and remember that it is better to have a few extra pounds to be ignorant. do not insult people just for appearance. people will be hurt because of your comments. think about it.