This show is just one love ❤️

1. What's your favorite season?

american horror story and ahs asylum image american horror story and ahs hotel image

2. Who is your favorite female character?

ahs hotel, liz taylor, and ahs image
Liz Taylor

3. Who is your favorite male character?

arden, arthur, and americanhorrorstory image
Dr. Arthur Arden

4. If you could be any character, who would you be?

american horror story, ahs, and asylum image
Dr. Oliver Thredson

5. Will you survive to the season, and if not how will you probably die?

ahs, american horror story, and coven image
I think I would survive and continue my mysterious job

6. Who is the female character you hate the most?

connie britton, vivien harmon, and 👬 image
Vivien Harmon

7. Who is the male character you hate the most?

murder house, ben harmon, and ❤ image
Ben Harmon

8. Who is your favorite bad guy?

donovan, matt bomer, and ahs hotel image

9. Your favorite relationship?

hope, iris, and liz taylor image
Liz Taylor and Iris
evan peters, ahs hotel, and booboodaddy image ahs, american horror story, and ahs saison 5 image
James Patrick March and Hzel Evers

10. The part that made you cry the most.

liz taylor, quote, and red nails image
When Nick Pryor turned into Liz Taylor

11. The part that you found the most funny.

asylum, gif, and bloody face image
When Lana escaped the asylum

12. The part that scares you the most.

roanoke and american horror story image
Every moment when this weird creature appears

13. If you were in asylium, what would be your madness?

american horror story, ahs, and tate image
Perfectionism and Psychopathy

14. If you were in coven, what kind of witch would you be?

dark, skull, and death image

15. If you were in freakshow, what "freak" would you be?

beautiful, skin, and girl image
Sword Swallower

16. If you were in the hotel, would you be a ghost, a vampire, a human?

Abusive image
A vampire

17. If you were in roanoke, would you be a ghost from the house, part of The Butcher's squad, part of the weird family, part of the tv squad or an inocent blogger?

the butcher, american horror story, and ahs my roanoke nightmare image
The Butcher's squad

18. If you were in Cult, would you be a part of Kai Anderson's squad?

evan peters, cult, and ahs image
I don't think so

19. The character who should not have died?

gif, patrick, and ahs image
Chad Warwick

20. Your favourite quote?

american horror story, evil, and ahs image

21. Your favourite cast member?

american horror story, smoke, and lana banana image american horror story, ahs, and coven image
Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange

22. Your crush on the show?

actor, funny face, and zachary quinto image
Zachary Quinto

23. If you could choose to make another season what would it be?

1986, b&w, and chernobyl image
Chernobyl disaster



Ani Tyrell
Ani Tyrell