As we all know, summer's literally standing in front of the door & I've been listening to some (let's call it like that) indie sounds lately. So I thought that it would be great to share my go-to summer playlist!

fool // cavetown
"I am just a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great, you are just a fool to keep pretending that you're loving me"
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best friend // rex orange country
"I wanna be your favourite boy, the one that makes your day"
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please never fall in love again // ollie mn
"I don't want that to be your final glimpse of me, baby"
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lemon boy // cavetown
"Lemon Boy and me started to get along together, I’d help him plant his seeds and we mowed the lawn in bad weather"
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feelings are fatal // peachy! ft. mxmtoon
"It’s always for you and never for me, I need it to stop so let me tell you, please"
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la vie en rose // édith piaf (cover by chloe moriondo)
"Quand il me prend dans ses bras, qu'il me parle tout bas je vois la vie en rose"
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That's it! It's very ironical because pretty much all of these songs are about love, and I don't know why I'm listening to them. I'm not in love with anyone. But still, I hope you loved, if not every then, even a few of songs from playlist!

Kisses xoxo,
// Mia //