Another article because I'm trying to distract myself from the Italian Literature exam I have tomorrow (yes, I should study, I know... I'll do it later). Here it is, my This or that challenge. Enjoy!


1 - Forest or beach?

hand, tree, and aesthetic image adventure, algarve, and amazing image

2 - Cat or dog?

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I fear them both. But I'll say dog.

3 - Love or money?

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Money, of course.

4 - Jeans or skirt?

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I don't use to wear skirts a lot - I prefer dresses. But surely they are cooler than jeans.

5 - Food or water?

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Water (you can't live without it!).

6 - Long or short hair?

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The longer the better.

7 - Jacket or hoodie?

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Jacket. I always fidget when I try to take hoodies off.

8 - Burgers or pizza?

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I've never liked burgers, so pizza. And I still eat it in a sense - if you can consider wheat bread, mozzarella and tomato sauce a pizza.

9 - Tatoos or piercings?

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Piercings - I have one on my nose.

10 - Workout by myself or couple workout?

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By myself. It allows you to feel more concentrated.