Dear Someone,
Sometimes I feel like no one. Like a nobody.
A functioning body without a purpose.
A camera that can’t seem to find its focus.
I roam the world in shades of grey.
I’m neither the predator nor the prey.
Because I can’t see any true colors,
I miss out on the world and all of its wonders.

Dear Someone,
Sometimes I feel like anyone. Like a human shapeshifter.
It’s almost as if I can pick and choose,
Either I decide to wake up or instead just hit snooze.
I can be anyone that I want to be.
A choice of seven billion, but I’ll never choose me.
Perhaps I’m a trouper-- I’m always pretending.
The cycle can sometimes seem never-ending.

Dear Someone,
Sometimes I feel like everyone. Like I’m everybody.
It can feel like I’m living every life at once.
Feeling every feeling and hearing all of the world’s thoughts.
Every emotion hitting me from all over,
I can never find any peace-- can never find any closure.
The universe spins too fast that living becomes overwhelming.
The lives that I live are too much-- too bearing.