For today I will do the "What you can you do the Summer".... I want to say you guys a big thank you for all your messages.. I think to do a Q&A sooo you can send me your quaestiones and I will answer (tell me if you want to do it...).

So Let's get started!!!.

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We all love summer holidays because we don't have school and we can usually go out with friends and yeahh.. But some of aus don't go out and stay home (me) obviously we bored so I can tell you what to do ..

✧Art, drawing

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First you can drawing something you like..They can help you relax..

✧Learn how to cook

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It's funny to learn somethink new, obviously you can cook with your friends and I think that you should know how to cook at least basic dishes.

✧Read more

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If you don't know what to do you can also read a book..!!

✧Spend more time with your friends

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✈''Get outside''✈

Yeahh that's for today!!
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Thank you, see you tomorrow:)