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This theme was inspired from the Backstreet Boys song and they are right. Just the title says it all. If you want something you should get it the way you want it. Even though the songs speaks about breakup and love it is far more than that. If you want something you should get it the way you want it. Nobody says it’s easy but it is worth it. So when you look back you know you really work for it and you are really happy about it. If you get something very easily you don’t feel so much proud of it while when you work your ass off you feel really proud and you enjoy it more.
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You just have to know my dear friend that if you want something you can get it. What has the other person more than you that already has it?! Nothing is the answer. She/he was just more careful at what he/she wanted and worked his/her ass off to get it. If you don’t achieve your dreams the first time try again, don’t quit because you think you are not good enough. Everything will work the way you want if you believe in it and if you are aligned with the Universe. If your purpose is good than it will work but you should do it because you like it not because of the outcome.
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The outcome doesn’t matter as long as it fulfills your soul and makes you happy. When you know something you are doing is right than you feel good but if your gut fells bad and tells you no than it means you are not aligned with your purpose. Maybe I’m wrong and I hope I’m wrong but most of the times this is true. Sometimes when I’m afraid of doing something I do it anyway because I want to prove myself wrong. After I feel better and I feel like I’ve beaten my fear but the time after that I have the same fear which eats me to the core.
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I’m afraid of heights and once in my lifetime I jumped off a really big cliff in the water. When I got back up my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t breathe but one of my bestest friends was there and he told me breathe Ornela. That was also true because when we are afraid we forget to breathe. So you did something you was afraid and you survived, you are alive so please breathe. When you can just breathe in and out. I promise you will feel better but when we are afraid we forget to breathe and I can’t explain it but it happens. But remember don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
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Remember this every time you are scared, breathe in and out 5 times and you will do things you thought you could ever do. You can jump from 5 meters altitude or you can even sky dive. But I know you can do that. You are a warrior and strong. I believe in you as much as I believe that you can conquer the world. Trust in yourself and you can conquer the world.