First time.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
First time doing something unusual, crazy, like going on a rollercoaster, skydive. Maybe your first time travelling, or let it be simple - going on a date, accomplisng a goal, taking responsibility.
I don't go out as much as I want to or have enough life experience, also consider that I'm the "doesnt leave her comfort zone" type of person. Doesn't sound like I do first times often, does it? But, actually, there is one thing that I did for the first time.
Last summer, when my family needed money, I tried to get a job. I was 14 at the time, and of course, had to ask permission from my parents. Asking Mom wasn't big of a deal, but I was afraid to ask my dad. I was afraid of his reaction, what if he won't approve me? But, you know what? He didn't. In fact, he supported me. I was happy and grateful to him.
I went for an interview, socialized with people(which I kind of suck at) and failed.
Yeah, that is it.

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I didn't get upset. At leat I gained some experience(I realized what I did wrong) and learnt an important lesson: of you want things to change - you have to get your ass up and just do it. Don't be afraid to fail, do something wrong - only that way you'll get somewhere.
And always remember:

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