In about two weeks I will travel to London with three friends of mine and all of us made a list of places where they want to go. And that's mine! So feel free to be inspired by my goals to travel there on your own. Enjoy reading! :)

1. Tate Modern

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The Tate Modern is a museum for modern art and also alternative art (from what I just saw) and on their website, they name it also as "contemporary art". I'm really into art and I hope I can visit that museum and see some extraordinary art

2. Portobello Road

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Look at all these colors! It looks so beautiful! I will definitely go there and take some pictures because these houses in pastel or bright colors are my life aesthetics!

3. Crouch End Art House

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The Crouch End Art House is an extravagant cinema, also known as "Independent cinema". It describes itself as a dynamic, cultural place of theatre, movies, Live-shows and workshops regardless of skin color, gender or religion.

4. Old Spitalfields Market

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The Old Spitalfields Market is a huge market for vintage clothes or extraordinary stuff and nice food as well. It looks pretty crowdy on the pictures, to be honest, but I can tell after I've been there.

5. Camden Lock Market

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`The Camden Lock market is pretty similar to the Old Spitalfields market in case of the concept. Furthermore, you can find. From what I just read, you can find pretty international stuff at this market, so I`m pretty exited to go there`

6. Natural History Museum

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Whoever visits London, will also visit the Natural History Museum once. To be honest, that wasn't my first choice of sights there, but I'm really happy that I will visit it anyway because my friends told me to. The museum has so many different and interesting things!

7. Korean Cultural Center

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I was so happy when I discovered that place! Since sixth grade, I'm so into Korean culture, also have Korean lessons and I will take a workshop at that center in July. Even if my friends aren't that interested, I will go through the Korean library and hopefully have a good time there

8. Covent Garden

-Content will follow later, because I can't save that as a draft, but don't have time to write left..-
Have a good day! :)