GWSN is the new multiracial/national girl group from Kiwi Pop, a subsidary of Kiwi Media Group focused on the idol entertainment field.

They were announced as a multiracial group, but in a JTBC article it was said their group will include Korean, Japanese and Chinese members, which would make them a multinational group instead of multiracial.

Their name means something along the lines of Park Girls. It means that the girls would go to the park which is a healing place.

They debuted on the 5th of September with 7 members, but they did do pre-debut promotions starting from the end of June.


Lena (04.17.2002): Maknae

Minju (03.11.2001)

Anne (Lee Seoyoung, 10.17.2000)

Soso (Wang Chingyi, 03.14.2001): She is a Taiwanese member

Miya (Miyaucho Haruka, 05.26.1993): She is a Japanese member

Seoryoung (01.26.2000): Leader

Kim Seokyung (04.16.1999): Produce 101 trainee, ended in 22nd place as an individual trainee. On the show she got the nickname Sun for her bright personality.

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