Hello! I've seen a few articles about favorite painters so I thought of doing one myself as I'm studying art history so I obviously love paintings.

I know that I have put many painters in this article but I could not rule out any because I love them all so sorry in advance if it's a bit long.

Pablo Picasso

Mature image art, blue, and picasso image art, Guernica, and picasso image picasso and art image

Vincent Van Gogh

art, van gogh, and starry night image art, van gogh, and flowers image art, van gogh, and vincent van gogh image art, van gogh, and painting image

Salvador Dalí

oil and sphere image art, salvador dali, and dali image art, dali, and salvador dali image art, dali, and painting image

Gustav Klimt

Abusive image art, kiss, and klimt image Image by sölemem art, gold, and Gustav Klimt image

Sandro Botticelli

art, botticelli, and painting image hell, art, and inferno image botticelli image Abusive image

Henri Fuseli

art, nightmare, and henry fuseli image Image by Alessandra art, painting, and henry fuseli image Mature image

Édouard Manet

Image by la fraize Image by de viaje painting, manet, and art image art, manet, and edouard manet image

Francisco de Goya

Image by Keith Roach R witch, art, and goya image goya, art, and francisco goya image art image

Jheronimus Bosch

Abusive image sins image Mature image art and hieronymous bosch image

Johannes Vermeer

art and painting image painting, johannes vermeer, and vermeer image vermeer, johannes vermeer, and painting image johannes vermeer image

René Magritte

art, kiss, and rene magritte image art, magritte, and surrealism image art image art, moon, and painting image

Edward Hopper

edward hopper, art, and Nighthawks image Image by 🌹Kachiki🌹 edward hopper, painting, and art image edward hopper and painting image

Claude Monet

art, monet, and painting image art, monet, and claude monet image art, it's monet, and beautiful image art and impressionism image

John Everett Millais

ophelia, art, and painting image John Everett Millais, painting, and art image Image by Ka art and painting image

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

art, painting, and bed image Abusive image hat, Lautrec, and pink dress image baiser and toulouse lautrec image

John William Waterhouse

art, painting, and john william waterhouse image art, nymph, and painting image 3d, لوحة, and رَسْم image painting, circe, and art image

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

art, Renoir, and painting image Renoir, painting, and art image art, Renoir, and painting image art, Renoir, and painting image

Hope you enjoyed!