Just as you saw in the title, this article will be focusing on a few tips to get you on the way to happiness . Happiness is a very big notion that differs from one person another and I'm far from being a happy person myself but these ideas might show you that the world is a wonderful place after all ❣

➹ Free your mind.

Forget all your problems for a while and think of something positive . That sounds stupid but it really works cause once your mind is free your whole YOU is free .Then you can go out in nature lay in the grass and gaze at the sky or you can walk in the city and enjoy your time .

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➹ Read a good book

Because why not ? Once you find a good book what's better than finding a lonely place and having a cup of tea or hot chocolate and to dive in this new world of words .

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➹ Surround yourself with good friends

Yes, because good friends will always hear you out and try to help you solving your problem dear . Promise you will feel better after telling what's inside your heart ( not to anyone tho) .

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➹ Play with your pets

Aren't their loving eyes and their cute faces the most precious thing in the world ? They can make me smile no matter how sad I am .

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➹ Listen to music

Music helps a lot too. Put on your earphones, drown all the stupid sounds around you and listen to your favorite songs and don't give a f*** about the world .

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➹ Be grateful

Last but not least , keep in mind to always be grateful . I'll explain; there are some fellow humans who wish to have what YOU have and still you complain about it . If you have a house, a family and you're healthy then think of those who do not have these and thank god for what you have . No doubt that will make you happy !

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Hope this would help some of you and do not hesitate to say hi if you want !

∼Love xR❣