Hey y’all! So, it’s been a while since my last article and I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything else since then, I wish I could, but school really stressed me too much and didn’t let me breath. But it’s over now, I’m officially on my Summer Holidays, yay!
So today I want to talk with you about one of my biggest passions: languages. I already study three languages at school, besides my native language, and I really love every single one of them but I also want to learn other languages. So here’s a list of the languages you should totally learn and why I love them so much.


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This is my native language and I love it so much. Even though I myself don’t know all the grammar because, trust me, it’s really complex, I totally recommend you to learn it and try to speak it. I know it may seem difficult, and pheraps it is, but it’s totally worth it. It’s an elegant and harmonious language, rich of bittersweet soundss. Every word sounds like a statemennt to me, like a vow, and each sentence is like a hymn. That’s what italian poetry makes me feel, it makes my soul breath and my heart skip a beat. It’s both sweet and tough. I know it may not encourage you to learn it because not everyone is a poetry nerd like me, but if you love challenges (and you want to visit Italy at its fullest some day) you should totally study it.


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Spanish is definitely my favorite language, besides English. I love Spanish poetry too, of course, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to read more of it yet. Anyway, Spanish is a sweet and soft language. It makes me feel calm and hopeful whenever I hear or read it. It sounds like a melody to me, and it’s very similar to Italian too. Also, the grammar is not difficult to learn, but it needs a lot of practice!


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To be honest, I am discovering the magic of French only in this last period. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved it, but unfortunately my teachers haven’t helped me so much in fully learning and appreciating it. I love French, even though I’m not as fluent as I am in English or even Spanish, because it sounds like poetry. I think French is a poem itself. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a French song or if you’ve ever read a French poem, it’s like a sweet lullaby that calms your spirit. French is a romantic and enchanting language, I always found myself chained to its words and musicality. If you are a romantic person or a dreamer, trust me this is the language that you’d want to speak.


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I haven’t learnt this language yet, but it will be the first thing I’ll do when I’ll find time and motivation. I have many friends who speak Portuguese, and they made me realize how beautiful it is as a language. It’s a direct and honest language, it sounds like a vow or like a promise. Whenever I hear something in Portuguese, my heart jumps with joy because this is such a fascinating language. I wish it was more appreciated. Also, it’s similar to both Spanish and Italian so it wouldn’t be hard for me to learn it (or at least, I hope so)


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Another language that I don’t speak yet, but soon I will. This language is a real challenge to me. It’s far from every language that I know and that I speak, the grammar is complex and hard and the words are rough and direct. But maybe that’s why I love it so much. It sounds like a monologue rich of promises and anger and determination, it sounds like happiness and joy but also sadness and misery. It’s a combination of emotions, a mixture of feelings that make me love it even more. I, as an ambitious person, can’t wait to learn it. I know it will be hard and I will need a lot of practice, but I know I can do it. And so can you!

So this is it, these are the languages that I love, that inspire me and that bring life to my romantic heart. I hope this article didn’t bore you and I wish it could show you how much I love languages, and how much I want to learn them. I think the world is amazing because of its variety and its differences. If we all spoke only one language, it would be boring and “grey”. But luckily, we live in a colorful reality, in a mosaic of cultures and traditions that I aspire to know and respect for what they are. Thank you for reading this, tell me your opinions, give me some tips or advices if you speak one of these languages or just say hello, I would appreciate that too.
Love ya,