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For everone who want to know me a little better! Here my ABC.

A: Age : 23 and I became 24 for at the 24th of June.

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B: Best movie Harry Potter movies

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C: Current Time 11:30 A.M

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*D:*Drink I last had Coffee

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E: Easiest Person To Talk To My Mom and My Little sister

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F: Favorite Color Green

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G: Gamer? No, I like to play video game some times that much.

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*H:*Height. I'm 1,67m

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I: In Love With So many Finctional characters

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J: Jealous Of No one

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K: Killed someone ? No, But I killed some people in my head is that count?.

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L: Last time I cried. When I watch 13 reason why season 2

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M: Middle name is Maria

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N: Number Of Siblings I have 4 Sisters

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O: One Wish. I wish to be happy.

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P: Person You Last Texted My Older Sis.

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Q: Question you're always asked Why me?

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R: Reason to smile Family, Friends, Tea, Good weather.

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S: Song last listen to Take a Hint - Victorious

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T: Time You Woke Up 9 A.M

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U: Underwear Color White

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V: Vacation Dream Destination Japan

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W: Worst Habit. I'm really Lazy

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Y: Your Favorite Food Lasagne

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Z: Zodiac sign: Cancer

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Thanks for reading my article !! Bye Bye