hi! ive seen loads of these and i really wanted to do one so here we go!
i was inpired by this article:

1. tea or coffee?

probs coffee but i also love tea

coffee, drink, and camera image cafe, white, and cute image

2. paintings or drawings?

i love boths but drawings are my favourite

white, tumblr, and music image Image by sa0a0

3. dresses or skirts?

definately dresses - skirts are good but they dont always work (and not on me at all)

prom dress image black, dress, and girl image

4. books or movies?

both! but if i had to choose, it would probaby be books

book and vintage image book, home, and decor image

5. movie theater or arcade?

arcades are more fun tbh

girl, photography, and arcade image arcade, lights, and numbers image

6. coke or pepsi?


Pepsi image aesthetics, drink, and Pepsi image

7. early bird or night owl?

probably early bird bc i get really tired at night by like 9pm lmao

aesthetic, sea, and sunset image Image by bee

8. chocolate or vanilla?


coffee, drink, and food image food, reeses, and snickers image

9. introvert or extrovert?

im an ambivert oopsie

introvert, extrovert, and tumblr image hyper, introvert, and life image

10. winter or summer?

winter <3

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, sweater, and style image

11. spring or autumn?

autumn x

winter, sweater, and christmas image Temporarily removed

12. stars or rainbows?


Image by tumblr_10 wallpaper, space, and background image

13. boots or sandals?

boots are cute man

shoes, fashion, and pink image Image removed

14. gold or silver?


beauty, eyes, and lips image beauty, lollipop, and eyes image

15. singing or dancing?

both lol (im not good at either though, but its a lot of fun to jump around and yell the words to a song)

Taylor Swift image couple, love, and dance image

16. freckles or dimples?

freckles are the cutests okay

girl, tumblr, and beauty image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image

17. cats or dogs?

both! i cant choose im sorry lol

cat, cute, and rainbow image Animais, animal, and animals image

18. pancakes or waffles?

pancakes yummmm (they have to be chocolate man)

Image by Haliotis94b chocolate, food, and pancakes image

19. sunset or sunrise?


balcony, town, and night image adventure, aesthetic, and paradise image

20. calls or texts?


messages image aesthetic, aliens, and black image

21. curly or straight hair?


hair and hairstyle image hair and beauty image

22. short or long hair?


fashion, outfit, and girl image hair, beauty, and hairstyle image

23. roller coaster or ferris wheel?

roller coasters are so fun

indie, retro, and Roller Coaster image fun, Roller Coaster, and vintage image

24. leather or denim?

denim is timeless tbh

Image by Pleasing TT Eye fashion, jeans, and style image

25. bright or neutral colours?


makeup, aesthetic, and eyeshadow image interior and room image

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