I saw someone do this so I decided to do it😂
This is my first article sry if it's trash😂

1. A song from my childhood:
Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

2. Song that reminds you of your most recent ex:
Never had a bf so idk😂

3. Song that reminds u of your parents:
Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
My parents always used to threaten to sing this song while all my friends were in the car😂

4. Song that calms u down:
Never Be Alone - Shawn Mendes

5. Song that's often stuck in ur head:
I Fall Apart - Post Malone

6. Song that reminds u of ur best friend:
Tic Tock - Kesha
When we were like 8 we were obsessed w/ Kesha especially this song idk y lmao

7. A song that reminds u of the past summer:
Paris - The Chainsmokers

8. A song that reminds u of ur first love:
Idk I've never really had a first love yet ?

9. A song that makes u hopefull:
In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

10. Song by ur fav band:
Sick Boy - Chainsmokers

11. A song on the soundtrack of ur fav movie:
This Is Me - The Greatest Showman

12. Last song u heard:
Red - Taylor Swift

13. A song that reminds u of a former friend:
Real Friends - Camila Cabello

14. A song that reminds u of ur bf:
Truth Hurts - Lizzo
"I put the siiiiiing in single"

15. A song u love to sing along to:
Let You Down - NF

16. A song that made u cry:
The Girl You Think I Am - Carrie Underwood
Reminds me of my dad

17. A song that makes u want to dance:
Lost In Japan - Shawn Mendes

18. A song that you love but rarely listen to:
Crazy - Shawn Mendes

19. First song alphabetically:
A.M. - One direction

20. Last song alphabetically:
18 - 5SOS

21. Fav song:
Fallin' All in You - Shawn Mendes

22. A song that someone has sung to u:
Happy Birthday - ???

23. A song that u cannot stand to listen to:
Finesse - Bruno Mars

24. A song that u have danced to with ur best friend:
Tic Tock - Kesha
(See #6)

25. A song u could listen to all day:
Happier - Ed Sheeran