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i took a small break from writing, but i am back today with a new zodiac article!
summer is the perfect time to relax and unwind somewhere you've never been before. scroll down below, find your zodiac sign, and discover the new place that you were really meant to travel to!


travel, summer, and Greece image summer image
whether you enjoy greek mythology, want to eat some delicious gyros, explore historic and iconic ruins, or adore the clean and sparkling beaches, you'll definitely find something in greece that'll pique your fiery interest.


nature, beach, and mountains image travel, iceland, and water image
taking some time to relax in the country's marvelous geysers, hot springs, and lava fields will have that stress melting away. iceland's unique nature destinations will have you in awe.


fireworks, beautiful, and city image city, pool, and light image
take a stroll through one of its many wondrous and lush gardens or go on a wild night safari. with all the things you can explore in singapore, you won't leave disappointed.


city, travel, and aestetic image Barcelona, cities, and city image
don't hold back here in spain! indulge in the delicious cuisine they are famous for. stop by a local bar to eat a little bit of tapas, and then visit all its landmark churches, or simply enjoy a day at the beach.


beaches, beach lovers, and barbados image barbados, oistins, and oistins barbados image
flashy festivals, tropical fun, and goodness all year round, a fun and exciting getaway at the barbados is something a leo will love.


city, europe, and norway image 35mm, amazing, and art image
getting a glimpse of the northern lights or simply enjoying the nature around you is just what a virgo needs for a sweet from everyday life.


Bleu, sidi bou said, and plage image travel, djerba, and île image
take a trip on the places lesser known. while not as famous, their beautiful beaches and their ancient monuments and mosques are just as interesting & amazing as any other popular country.


activity, discount codes, and taiwan image taiwan, travel, and nataly osmann image
taiwan is more than the home of the boba drink. a scorpio will love adoring its natural beauty from a boat across a lake or hiking through its national parks.


flamingo, beach, and summer image adventure, travel, and europe image
new zealand is the place for a curious sagittarius to see unique and exotic animals, swim with dolphins on some of their pink beaches, and explore its waterfalls and caves.


argentina, buenos aires, and city image city, purple, and argentina image
walk through lively, colorful alleys filled with authentic argentinian music and you'll fall in love from everything from their delicious food to their waterfalls and glaciers.


bambi, pastel, and roleplay image japan image
this unique place is where an aquarius can feel at home. classical temples with traditional (and delicious) food and futuristic modernity with eye-catching technology can inspire an aquarius's creative side.


méxico image mexico, angel, and cdmx image
mexico is the country where you can leave behind your everyday stresses and take it easy. you can find enjoyment with their delicious street food, nonstop energy, and relaxing beaches.

thank you for checking out my article! hope you enjoyed readin'!
if you ever do decide to go to any of these places, don't be afraid to send me a postcard and tell me how it went.