I hate Instagram,
Nothing makes you feel worse about yourself and life,
I wish I could give it up,
but I need it as a social tool nowadays,
likes come and go as they please,
and so do followers,
I woke up one morning and had lost 30 followers over night,
I was so depressed.
First thing that runs through your head,
"No one likes me"
Which is hard when you're trying to become a model,
Second thought,
"Everyone hates me"
Because when you lose 30 followers in one night,
It's incredibly hard not to doubt yourself,
Third thought,
"Is it because I'm black?"
Is the melanin too pigmented in my skin,
they would rather see olive skin and long hair.
400 people have seen your picture
600 people have seen your picture
I'm not trying to center my life around social media,
but it'd be nice to have support.
Instagram is depressing,
Filled with fake pictures, fake likes, fake followers, fake lives.
I want something real.
It'd be nice if someone saw me as I am,
Not the girl with only a few followers,
Not a nobody,
Just real.