a part two to a previous article I posted a while ago, however this time I'm doing this in halves with one article dedicated for A-M and another for N-Z.

all in all, I had fun making my last article and decided to give it another shot ★

A is for art

Mature image fantasy, myth, and painting image 17th century, flower, and painting image art, painting, and white image

B is for beauty

pink, makeup, and beauty image girl image model, fashion, and runway image frank ocean image

C is for comfort

room, interior, and aesthetic image furniture, home, and house image food image cozy, fire, and winter image

D is for dessert

cake, food, and strawberry image Image by shiaa7 cake, food, and strawberry image peach, food, and aesthetic image

E is for earth

adventure, alternative, and travel image Image by beth nature, sky, and travel image theme and aesthetic image

F is for fruit

fruit, mango, and food image aesthetic, orange, and food image Image by K Y L I E peach, theme, and aesthetic image

G is for garden

green, spring, and summer image Image by Traceyanne McCartney nature, window, and home image flowers, garden, and nature image

H is for houses

Image removed aesthetic, beige, and building image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic and travel image

I is for insects

Image by ☾𝕲𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖑𝖉𝖊☽ bee, aesthetic, and yellow image art image theme, bee, and rp image

J is for jupiter

orange, aesthetic, and theme image tattoo, planet, and jupiter image jupiter, space, and planet image space image

K is for kali uchis

kali, vintage, and kali uchis image Mature image girl, martini, and kali uchis image kali uchis image

L is for love

couple, ulzzang, and boy image couple, goals, and love image Image by M O O N L I G H T couple, summer, and zoe kravitz image

M is for moon

moon, beach, and aesthetic image moon, mountains, and sky image moon, funny, and art image moon, stars, and night image

hope you enjoyed!

make sure to check out the first article if you haven't already done so (":

love, beth *:・゚✧