Much people think that depression is only mental disturb or a fleeting feeling, and they think that only with a beautiful words all are fine, with only ''don't be sad'' all switch.
But the depression is more than ''a feeling'' the depression is a black hole that suck out you and don't let out, is not easy because one day you are fine and the next day you're really fucked up.
Not all people understand, but, believe me, exist persons that if we are interested in all of you and understand you.
The depression is a shitty, and dificult and all is black, no exist words for make them feeling good but exist the support, and exist much people interesting in help them or listening them.
If you want speakin or relieve your feelings you can find support in me, send me a message. I know you or not, believe me, I understand you and you can to talk to me. The more we support will be better.
#youarenotalone #existgoodpeople

-Amore per tuttixx:)