I have been seeing a lot of Harry Potter characters and all that so I decided why not try to make my own. This is my If I were to be a Harry Potter character inspired by other articles


Francesca Rae Barnes



Hogwarts House


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White, Silverish long hair that is usually put up in a pair of space buns. A few freckles here and there with brown eyes

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Clothes Style

Clothing style would considered to be grunge like. Fishnets with a lather jacket here & there. Black skirts and black shirts. But in order to show some Slytherin pride of course a Slytherin house uniform is required

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Friend Group

Will be good friends with Hermione as I would enjoy how quiet and smart she is BUT would like a little mischief in my life and start to become friends with the Weasley twins. Some might think it is crazy because we are in two different houses but they would think I'm different. But would also be friends with Draco but only him and not his "minions". Of course I would need some unique in my life and that's when Luna comes in

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Blood Status

Pure blood

Love Interest

Draco Malfoy

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