Since I'm still new to writing articles here's a tag to get to know me! Enjoy reading it, lovelies! Muah!

A is for age

I'm sixteen years old.

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B is for birthday

It's on 6th of September.

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C is for color


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D is for diseases

I'm lactose intolerant and bipolar.

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E is for ethnicity

I'm Estonian but I have a little bit of reason to believe there's also some roma mixed into it from my mom's side.

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F is for flower

I love white roses. They might stand for death but that won't stop me. They're just so beautiful. And the death factor is quite something to romanticize.

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G is for goals

I have too many to write here. I just hope I'll be able to check them all at some point.

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H is for height

I'm 165,5 cm tall. That correlates to something between 5'4 and 5'5.

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I is for identification

I'm a cis female and bisexual.

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J is for job

I'm still not sure about my future profession but right now I'm thinking camera operator/photographer/director/something like that. Also a stripper but shh that's a secret.

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K is for kids

I definitely don't want to give birth. I also can't stand babies and little children who aren't calm. I feel like I wouldn't be the best mother to give my child a happy life or even keep it alive so it's better if I don't have any because having one for aesthetical reasons is so wrong and that is something I don't want to do. Maybe once I'm actually fit to be a parent I'll adopt one (1) kid hopefully from a third world country then.

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L is for looks

  • white
  • small grey eyes with short lashes
  • originally potato skin colored hair but rn the dye is smth between orange and strawberry blonde, and my hair is straight to minimal wavy & long (it reaches my butt)
  • full lips but bottom is bigger
  • basically no eyebrows
  • I have almost round glasses
  • I think I am full hourglass shaped
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M is for music

I love hiphop and pop. And because of that rap and kpop. I'm more into catchy and happy beats but that doesn't mean I'm opposed to anything else. Besides the named genres I also like to listen to absolutely anything else too but I despise EDM. Jazz is amazing.
My favourite artists would have to be BTS, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, also Post Malone, Blackpink, Lil Wayne, Demi Lovato, Jay Park and many others aka everyone who creates a great piece of music.

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N is for nothing

I couldn't think of anything to put here, no word that would be interesting to talk about that would start with an "n".

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O is for outfits

My style is something weird and doesn't really have a definition. I wear anything I like and that looks good on me but is also accepted by society, sometimes I fail though. I love to wear lots of accessories, kinda like bling-bling but without the hip-hop culture, more like just being extra. I could wear things of a bigger variety if I were thin and also had a fatter wallet.

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P is for passions

  • art: painting, drawing and etc, photography, videography and cinematography, dancing, creating anything I want to create
  • clothes and dressing up
  • watching movies and reading books (I haven't done the last one in years though)
  • organizing events
  • learning languages I actually want to learn
  • studying, educating myself and learning about new things
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Q is for questions

Will we be able to travel to other planets soon? Ever? How long will I live considering my great grandma died at the age of 107 and my great aunt is 105 and living rn? How will my health be when I'm old? Will I even live to see my old days? Will I be successful? Are there other life forms as intelligent or even more as/than us? Will we meet them or are we situated in a lonely far away corner? What is the future of Earth? And the people on it? Are we really headed for worse? So many questions...

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R is for roommates

It actually came from vine as I had no better idea to use for this letter. But also about me: I moved out of home at the age of 15 and have shared an apartment with 3 flatmates so far.

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S is for season

My favourite time of the year is summer even with its hottest weathers but without the coldest, and autumn before it gets cold and fallen leaves turn brown.

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T is for travels

So far I've been to Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Copenhagen and Germany (from Munich to Ulm to Legoland). I'd like to travel as much as possible and hopefully all over the world in the future.

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U is for unlucky

*deep sigh *. It's just complicated. I'm just so damn unlucky it's hard to believe but it's true.

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V is for vine

Tbh I had trouble with finding a word for every letter and I was THIS close to putting Vine references instead of words there.

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W is for world

The earth is dying bro. Also politics are a mess and everything is going downhill. It's a pretty and fascinating planet we are living on but it won't be like this for long unless we start making smarter decisions.

Even the smallest push can help to move the biggest rock.
— me
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X is for x-rays

I've had my brain, mouth/teeth and left or right ankle x-rayed.

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Y is for Yeontan

I couldn't think of anything better so enjoy the eyebrow king, the dog of Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS.

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Z is for zodiac (sign)

I'm Virgo both in my Sun and ascendant sign.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and feel like you know more about what I'm like. Have a blessed day!