1. Apartment or House?

home, house, and cabin image aesthetic, indie, and art image

2. Burgers or Pizzas?

beef, food, and foodporn image Image by Haliotis94b
Pizza of course! 🍕

3. Cardio or Weights?

black and white, fitness, and gym image leggings, fashion outfit lifestyle, and cardio running jogging image

4. Cats or dogs?

cat, animal, and cute image dog, snow, and puppy image
Dogs, my biggest friends 🐶

5. Chocolate or Vanilla?

ice cream, food, and white image food, ice cream, and chocolate image

6. Cinema or Movie at home?

Image by Jackie couple, love, and cinema image
Movie at home, with friends or boyfriend 🍿

7. City or Country?

architecture, fantasy, and old image Image by Fashmonica
No doubt, country.

8. Club or House party?

Image removed bff, drink, and fashion image
House party with a lot of booze! 🥂

9. Comedy or Horror?

saw, life, and black and white image Image removed
Comedy, i don't like horror that much..

10. Dinner date or Movie date?

couple, love, and popcorn image love, couple, and wine image
Dinner date it is!

11. Flats or Heels?

shoes, nike, and pink image shoes, fashion, and heels image
I absolutely love heels 👠

12. Fruits or Vegetables?

Image by Leo_84 FRUiTS image
Fruits, especially in the summer 🍉 🍇 🍓

13. Go back to the past or Go forward into the future?

Image by Gorrii❤ aesthetic, fear, and indie image
Go back to the past, to change the things i regret now.

14. Halloween or Valentine’s Day?

cat, Halloween, and cute image pink, aesthetic, and flowers image
I don't celebrate halloween, so i will choose Valentine's day.

15. Harry Potter or Hunger Games?

harry potter, hermione granger, and hogwarts image the hunger games, katniss everdeen, and mockingjay image
Harry Potter! ⚡️👓

16. Cooked meals or Takeout?

burgers, fries, and good image couple, love, and kiss image
Cooked meals

17. Hot drinks or cold drinks?

drink, summer, and cocktail image hot coffee image
Cold drinks

18. Indoors or Outdoors?

fireplace, winter, and cozy image adventure, fire, and outdoors image
Outdoors, I like to explore new country's and the nature of it. 🌊🌴

19. Instagram or SnapChat?

Logo, social media, and instagram image snapchat image
Instagram (liannehoving, go check it out 😜)

20. Introvert or Extrovert?

tumblr, introvert, and me image happiness, quote, and Sunny image

21. London or Paris?

beautiful and paris image london, Big Ben, and city image
The city of Love, Paris! 🌹

22. Long nails or short nails?

nails, tattoo, and gucci image classy, girl, and inspo image
Long nails, with a manicure 💅

23. M&Ms or Kit Kat?

Image by ikhlas b`en a°mor sweet, chocolate, and candy image
M&M's are my life.

24. Manicure or pedicure?

Image removed nails, fashion, and design image

25. Morning or Night?

moon, stars, and night image good morning image
Night. I think the night is beautiful plus I'm not a morning person. 🌙⭐️

26. Movies or TV shows?

netflix and night image Vampire Diaries image
TV shows

27. Night or day?

flowers, sea, and ocean image wolf, moon, and night image

28. Nike or Adidas?

adidas, iphone, and shoes image pink, nike, and aesthetic image
Nike (shoes!!!)

29. Overdressed or Underdressed?

sweater, winter, and christmas image red, girl, and dress image
Overdress. But at a Prom i think it's sexy to underdress a little. 💃🏼

30. Pancakes or Waffles?

food, pancakes, and sweet image art, food, and sweet image
Pancakes, I mean, I'm from Holland so that's our specialty ;)

31. Pen or Pencil?

Image removed rainbow image

32. Red grapes or green grapes?

food, fruit, and healthy image fruit, grapes, and healthy image
Sweet, red grapes 🤤 🍇

33. Red nail polish or blue?

nails, blue, and rings image red, cigarette, and nails image
Red of course, I like bordeaux very much

34. Red or green bell peppers?

funny, food, and pepper image basil, vegetables, and bell pepper image

35. Red wine or white wine?

drink and wine image drinks, best time, and red whine image
White wine. 🍾

36. Science or Art?

art, blue, and painting image Image removed
Art in all different ways

37. Short hair or long hair?

blue, girl, and makeup image dress, girl, and long hair image
Long hair

38. Short or long dress?

baby pink, glitter, and photo image dress, fashion, and red image
I think a long dress is very chique and beautiful

39. Shorts or skirt?

paris, travel, and pink image girl, beach, and fashion image
Shorts, otherwise my thighs stick together in the summer 😂

40. Shower or Bath?

aesthetic, bath, and girly things image summer, girl, and beach image
Shower 🚿

41. Singing or Dancing?

long hair, performance, and singing image kids, dance, and beautiful image
Can I choose singing AND dancing?!

42. Smoothie or Ice cream?

ice cream image Image removed
Definitely Ice cream. 🍦

43. Snow or Rain?

Image by ayaayouta_5 rain, black and white, and sad image
Snow, I hate the rain.

44. Spring or Autumn?

Image removed flowers, sky, and pink image
Autumn, because I can wear comfy sweatshirts and the trees colour beautiful in the Autumn. 🍂

45. Summer or winter?

beautiful, forest, and oregon image beach, wallpaper, and summer image
Summer ☀️

46. Sun or Moon?

beach, sky, and birds image moon, night, and nature image

47. Sunrise or sunset?

city, sunset, and sun image wine, beach, and sunset image
Sunset 😍

48. Sweater or Jacket?

Image removed fashion, style, and outfit image

49. Talking or Listening?

quotes, ear, and words image bed, city lights, and cozy image

50. Tea or Coffee?

cat, book, and tea image coffee, morning, and cafe image
Tea! I don't like warm coffee, I only like Iced coffee...😁

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