Please, whoever is reading this, i will ask you one tiny little favor. If you clicked this article it was for a reason, now whatever that reason was or if you are actually a feminist or not, please read it until the end, thank you.

So, hello there, i just want to make one thing clear.

I am a Feminist.

No, i don't hate men.

No, i don't think women should be above men or get any kind of special treatment.

No, i am not resentful.

No, i do not make myself the victim all the time.

I am writing this article because i've seen recently so many, but like so many, bad comments about Feminism, and yes everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, but i've seen that most of this comments are from people that have a misconception about what feminism really is, and it makes me really sad, because Feminism is so great!

And also dedicated to those females that drag down Feminism for taking it to the extreme, let's not be radicals shall we?

If you are one of those people mentioned before, please keep an open mind, that's all i'm asking.

So let's analyze what Feminism really means by concept: the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes.

That's what, real feminists, really want.


And you might think: but women are already allowed to vote, women are already getting the same jobs as men!

But unfortunately, i can't say that's like that for all women.

We want to get to the same level as men, to get the same opportunities, the exact same treatment, the exact equal pay and the exact equal consideration.

Not being classified as "bossy" or "bitchy" when we speak our minds. Not being lowered and think as we are less just because we don't have a penis or still existing dumb society stereotypes.

Not being lowered by sexist jokes such as all the menstruation jokes. eye roll

And another think great about feminism, it applies for all races and genders.

Again, the keyword here, equality.

To stop being objectified or sexualized with things such as dress codes for example, to be taught since we are young that we can do anything.

To stop with catchphrases such as "Boys will be boys". eye roll again

Another thing great about feminism, it benefits men.

It gets rid of the toxic masculinity and stereotypes applied to men, "boys don't cry", "boys need to be strong and tough", "boys can't wear pink or play with dolls".

With feminism, we let boys be feminine and girl be masculine if that's what they desire.

And maybe you think feminism isn't real, because you haven't lived it. But as me, someone who has been slut shamed and have seen many friends being sexually harassed and being treated as less for being females, who has seen male friends hide a part of them just because they might have been called really mean names due to stereotypes, know that the cause is there, it is up to us to lead it correctly.

We have taken a huge step and we are continuing to do take more everyday, let's not assume the cause or the fight, however you prefer to call it, is over because some things are not visible to your eyesight.

I think the main goal is to the term itself, feminism, disappears and to live in a society where we respect everyone and give each other, doesn't matter gender, sexuality, or race, the exact same treatment.

To respect each other as human beings (and yes, rape culture is included there and yes, i talk about it generally because both men and women get raped everyday), to not think about women as a sexual object, or classify people's worth by how they decide to dress, or fall into stereotypes.

But sadly, we are not quite there yet, so that's why the term still exists and that's why it is our duty to use it properly because no gender or race is above the other.

And for people that think that, for example, third world countries or specific cultures or races like the Muslim need feminism way more than we do, they do and we need to include them as well, no doubt. But no society is yet perfect right? And we can improve ourselves to be better and still help other people to get higher and be better as well.

And because i believe in all those things i mentioned before i am proud to call myself a Feminist and i stand not only alongside with girl power and women's right, but with people's rights. And i stand alongside humanity and human decency.

So i really hope you, if you not did then, now support the cause, or if you still don't, don't be totally against it, because feminism is actually pretty great :).

And if you do, please spread it wisely and correctly.

Thank you for passing by! Have a nice day and please be kind!

PS: I am open to discussion if you have something you want to say :)