These are my personal "rules" that I follow each Spring to stay fashion-forward while keeping true to my own personal style.

2018 Fashion Trends

fashion, girl, and outfit image art, artsy, and clipart image
Statement Stripes
flowers, purple, and clouds image flowers, pink, and tulips image
wallpaper, flowers, and black image flowers, pattern, and wallpaper image
Big, bright florals
fashion, style, and outfit image bandeau, fashion, and mine image
Translucent fabrics and peek-a-boo styles
fashion, brandon maxwell, and runway image fashion, outfit, and style image
Minimalistic construction with high-volume fabrics

Timeless Pieces

clothing, mini skirt, and fashion image Blanc, white, and denim image pastel, jeans, and pink image banshee, fashion, and girl image
Mini Skirts (or colored jeans & shorts)
beige, damn, and girl image fashion, girl, and black image
Flowy shirts
Image by Kristaq Riste Lico fashion, outfit, and kimono image
sunglasses, blonde, and pink image fashion, jacket, and outfit image
Pink or purple leather jackets
ankle boots, shoes, and boots image shoes and heels image
Ankle boots


art, etsy, and photography image fashion, fabric, and style image
aesthetic, bed, and blanket image gold, aesthetic, and silk image
theme, pink, and velvet image aesthetic and black image
Crushed Velvet


bra, bralette, and black image fashion, black, and bra image
panties, pink, and Victoria's Secret image brazilian, cheeky, and hipster image
Cheeky Panties
fashion, lingerie, and sexy image bra, gold, and lingerie image
Image by K Y L I E babydoll, lingerie, and nighties image


pink, pajamas, and pyjamas image fashion, black, and sexy image
chic, outfit, and dress image love magazine, nightdress, and selena gomez image
bodysuit, fashion, and lingerie image fashion, lingerie, and fashion photography image


Image by yağmur velvet and gray image black, shine, and fabric image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ beige, brown, and aesthetic image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image pink, fur, and aesthetic image purple and aesthetic image
White, Black, Gold, Beige, Navy, Pink, Lavender


adorable, brunette, and bun image hair, girl, and blonde image
Up- Bun; Down- Straight Hair


aesthetic, theme, and purple image makeup, naked, and beauty image
Pink, Purple, Light Green, or Sunset Eyeshadow
pink, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, blush, and beauty image
Light Peach and Pink Blush
lipstick, beauty, and lips image gloss, heart, and Kendall image
Peach and Pink Lipstick