Hey there, I hope you had a great week, I had an adventurous weekend and managed to catch sunrise on the beach. Since 2 june I am taking y finals, and now I started last week. Yeey.
Last 4 days and next 2 I am free so I decided to go on a minibreak.
Me and my friend wanted to go to see the sea(Black sea), so we went.
We traveled by train. It was a long journey and with plenty obstaces.
We had to leave at 3:32 a.m, but our train had a 130 min delay. We changed tickets and leaved at 4:14 am. We were cold cause wheather was not as we expected and we had standing tickets no seat. Our destination was Costinesti so we changed 3 trains until we got there. On our last change we tried to buy tickets to return same day later at night. Problem was that being Sunday, everyone returned home and there wew no thickets available, not even standing. Our one day trip now was a 2 days one. We rented a room near to the beach even if it was notwhat we palnned. Room was nice but not with many facilities. We took walks on seaside, picked shells watched sunset and sunrise and even some thunderbolts cause it was about to rain.
I am not such a big fan of the sea, I am mountain team so I was not really impressed even if it was my first time walking barefoot on sand or feeling the waves. It was a nice experience I don t deny it. I took some great photos, and I had fun. It was a nice trip and I recomand you to try something like this. You can enjoy it, even if it not what you expected. That is the real joy.

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