I've been seeing this quite a lot so I thought I would do it, this is the second article I have published today so I hope that you enjoy.

My name is Natasha

N- New York City, New York

girl, city, and flowers image city, girl, and travel image

A- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image by Bren aesthetic, miss it, and insta image

T- Thunder Bay, Canada

beautiful, canada, and thunder bay image adventure, canada, and fun image

A- Anchorage, Alaska

alaska, girl, and inspiration image purple image

S- San Francisco, California

california, city, and san francisco image america, beautiful, and beauty image

H- Hamburg, Germany

germany, hamburg, and sunset image boat, city, and Elbe image

A- Athens, Greece

aesthetic, aesthetics, and Athens image architecture, Athens, and greek mythology image

That's it! I hope you enjoyed ♥