This is my second article and this time I'm going to list the things that make me love summer


nature, green, and aesthetic image aesthetic, hair, and summer image Mature image fish, summer, and sea image
swimming in a lake is definitely one of the best things ever. fight me

Fresh fruits

beautiful, color, and FRUiTS image fruit, food, and healthy image food, fruit, and healthy image fruit, food, and berries image
fresh fruits make me wonder about summer the rest of the year

Free time

couple and Relationship image vintage and indie image aesthetic, ch, and painting image map, adventure, and travel image
who doesn't love hot summer days when you can do whatever you want to and just be (discover) yourself

Hot nights

city, dark, and grades image love, couple, and kiss image lightning, room style, and lights image night, stars, and art image
even the thought about hot summer nights makes me shiver from the excitement


Temporarily removed fire, camping, and travel image Image by fohffff chic, fashion, and love image

Road trips

travel, nature, and adventure image nature, Road Trip, and travel image travel, nature, and car image car, date, and sea image


Image removed fire image Image by fohffff aesthetic, beach, and bonfire image


stars, night, and sky image stars, sky, and night image girl, moon, and sky image aesthetic, beanie, and winter image
and then you understand you're made of the stardust. and you feel the infinity

Open windows all night long

Darkness, evening, and lamps image light, window, and photography image girl, window, and stars image sky image

Warm summer rain

rainbow and sky image rain, umbrella, and vintage image rain, sea, and ocean image green, light, and summer image


picnic, aesthetic, and food image Image removed aesthetic, food, and picnic image cool, food, and lovely image

Outdoor concerts

concert, grunge, and indie image concert, festival, and lights image aesthetic, festival, and tumblr image awesome, forever, and girl image

Spotting hot air balloons

air balloon, sun, and blue image air, yellow, and balloon image aesthetic, buildings, and sky image Image removed
you know it is summer when you see air balloons up in the sky

Time for books & movies

book, aesthetic, and grunge image book, travel, and nature image couple, grunge, and car image Temporarily removed

Hope you liked this post!
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