Hiii, how are you?
I saw that you loved my article about the challenge, and I’m so thankful and glad you liked it.
so now I want to give you like tips, or useful things for a better result at the end of this summer☀️
I’m gonna start with delicious snacks you can eat before workout💪🏼

Besides this don’t forget to:

Image removed unicorn, pink, and tears image healthy, water, and fruit image lemon, water, and drink image
If you don’t drink enough water you are gonna feel tired easily.


- Banana

banana, fruit, and pineapple image banana, yellow, and fruit image

- Peanut butter

food, thalia bree, and peanut butter image food, girl, and peanut butter image

- Granola bar

food, granola bars, and sweets image bar, bars, and delicious image

- Dried fruit

fit, food, and yummy image christmas, fruit, and december image

- Whole grain Toast or granola

almonds, breakfast, and delicious image cereal, dessert, and food image

- Nuts

autumn, nuts, and hazelnut image food and nuts image

I hope you enjoyed it, and wait for my “What to eat post-workout” soon.

if you have any doubt let me know, and if you like this, let me know too

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TODAY I WILL POST the days 4, 5 and 6 of the challenge so STAY TUNED