I've spent a lot of time over the years putting together my own personal style. These are some of the themes that I take into account when filling out my wardrobe.


bangle, beige, and bracelet image fashion, black, and outfit image
Mini Skirts
boots, classy, and velvet image boots and shoes image
Big or Tall Boots
black and white, blue, and girl image Image by aŁyå BernæĐettė
Wide-Brimmed Hats


angel, black, and chic image shoes, fashion, and style image
Platform Shoes
stevie nicks image 70's, stevie nicks, and fleetwood mac image
Wide-Sleeved Blouses
bell bottoms, clothes, and fashion image fashion, jeans, and blonde image


etsy, military jewelry, and vintagevoguetreasure image 90s, army, and buy image
Pins and Patches- I come from a military family and grew up inspired by the pins and patches on their jackets
twins image camo, ebay, and fashion image
chic, jacket, and style image military jacket image
Naval Jackets

Stevie Nicks

julia michaels, singer, and julia image fashion, outfit, and style image
bodysuit, embellished, and lace image fashion, black, and dress image
Fringe and Lace
fashion, girl, and style image fashion, girl, and hat image
Faux Fur

Punk, Rock, and Grunge Styles

nirvana, band, and rock image black, skull, and witch image
Band Logos and Rings
grunge, girl, and jeans image fashion, rose, and style image
Leather and Old Denim
grunge, punk, and rock image guitar, music, and grunge image
Ripped, oversized, & tartan clothing

Tough & Gritty

fashion image aesthetic, flannel, and theme image
Leather Jackets and Flannel
black, black boots, and boots image boots, brown, and combat boots image
nirvana, ramones, and the beatles image fashion, outfit, and style image
Band Logos


indie image fashion, jeans, and grunge image
Pins and Patches
aesthetic and rings image etsy, lodolite necklace, and quartz necklace image
Earthy Jewelry and Gemstones
coachella, fashion, and festival image Image by Miasutta
Crotchet Tops

Marilyn Monroe & Jackie O

fashion, black, and girl image blonde, fashion, and lace image
Sweetheart & Plunging Necklines
art, ruby, and lip liner image girl, makeup, and beauty image
Lip and Eye Liner
black, suit, and cute image blake lively, fashion, and style image
Matching Jacket and Skirt Sets