1. Vera (Вера).

"Truth" or "Faith".
Vera is a female first name of Russian origin, from verus meaning verity and coincides with the Russian meaning of faith. In Albanian the meaning of the word "vera" is summer.
Vera Wang - American fashion designer
Vera - a character from Tolstoy's novel War and Peace
Vera Farmiga - American actress, film director and producer
Vera Brezhneva - russian/ukrainian singer and actress (1 photo )

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2. Alisa (Алиса).

"great happiness"
The name Alisa is a girl's name of Hebrew, Russian origin meaning "great happiness". Alisa is less popular than more complicated forms of Alice like Alyssa or Alicia, perhaps because of its association with the once-overused Lisa.
Alice in Wonderland
Alisa Ahmann - model

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3. Nina (Нина)

"dreamer" or "dream"
Other origins for the name Nina include - Native American, Spanish, English, Croatian, and Indian. In Europe it is a short form of names such as Antonia or Janina Another meaning: mother in Swahili; flower in Old Greek, and fire in Quechua.
Nina Ricci - Italian-born French fashion designer
Nina Kravits better known as Nina Kraviz is a Russian DJ, music producer and singer
Nina Dobrev, is a Canadian actress

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4. Assol (Ассоль)

Light, airy, fabulous,an unusual name - the same as the story written by A. Greene. The meaning of the name is a girl, a girl, a woman with an unusually strong character, willpower; she is good at being a leader.

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5. Inna (Инна)

"little girl"
It was the name of an early East Orthodox male martyr, but is currently used as a feminine name only. Inna was the fourth most popular name given to baby girls born in Moscow, Russia in 2007.
Inna Fisun - ukrainian model

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6. Marta (Марта)

"the lady"
This is a truly international name, easily spelled and pronounced, and used in many European and South American countries.
Marta Kauffman - American writer and producer, co-creator of the TV series "Friends"
Marta Bevacqua - Italian model (1 and 4)

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7. Kira (Кира)

"beam of light"
n Russian Kira (Ки́ра) is the feminine form of the masculine name Kir, meaning "mistress, ruler", but can translate to "leader of the people", "one the people look to" or "beloved". Kira could also have arrived into Russian from the Persian-Greek name Kyra.
Kira Muratova - Soviet and Ukrainian film director, screenwriter, and actress
Kira Plastinina - Russian fashion designer
Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna of Russia

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8. Masha (Маша)

In Russian, Masha (Маша) is a diminutive of Maria. It has been used as a nickname or as a pet name for women named Maria or Marie.
Masha, heroine of Pushkin's novel The Captain's Daughter
Masha, one of the title characters in The Three Sisters (play) by Anton Chekhov

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