I saw so many of this, that I wanted to try, and since it's my first article hope you like ;)

Cold Coffee or Hot Coffee

drink, ice, and food image Image by 🍬 💜
Cold coffee 100%

Movie Theater or Arcade

blue, aesthetic, and game image aesthetic, game, and neon image
Arcade, I love games

Dogs or Cats

dog, cute, and animal image cat, animal, and kitty image
Both, *-* I can't choose

Sneakers or Heels

Image by suckalollipop Image by Vale Rodriguez

Badminton or Tennis

badminton, fun, and outdoor image badminton and sport image
Badminton, I love badminton and I've tried tennis but I just can't I'm not good ><

Basketball or Volleyball

girl and sport image Basketball, sport, and boy image
I really like volley but I prefer like 80% basket

Winter or Summer

turtle, sea, and summer image beautiful, palm trees, and photography image

Curly Hair or Straight Hair

hair and hairstyle image hair and aesthetic image
Curly Hair 1000% (btw I have curly hair)

Pizza or Hamburguer

food, burger, and fries image food, burger, and cheese image
Hamburguer, of course :p

Candy or Popcorn

Image by sofia_giaccio31 colored, sweet, and popcorn image

Well and thats it hope you liked ^-^