June is my favorite summer month, hands down. There's something in the air; The scent of lilac and jasmine, the birdsong in the morning and the wind gently humming in the foliage of the trees in the evening. This year I'm finding myself at a very inspired and happy stage of my life. I'm a phoenix rising from the dust, a unicorn galloping across the rainbow, a butterfly spreading it's wings, leaving the pupa behind.

I listen to songs that inspire me, make me FEEL, make me want to dance, drink, hug and kiss my friends, laugh 'till my mascara is smeared and, at times when I'm feeling a lil' bit melancholic, close my eyes and just let the words of the lyrics wash all over me. For once, it's all about me – and I truly, genuinely enjoy it.

June tunes 🌟

Maja Francis - Girl is a gun

aesthetic, alternative, and beautiful image
Girl is a gun and she'll blow you mind

Rebecca & Fiona - Fools gold

flowers, nature, and orange image
Now I'm thinking about you and me – And all the stranger things that we could be – I have a million places you should see – with me

Sizzy Rocket - Real life

san francisco and sky image
No I do not love him – but when I'm drunk I love him – Tryin' to contain myself – He's pushin' all my buttons

Diplo - Welcome to the party

chandelier, pale, and white image
Welcome to the party – We on fire – Step up in the party

Maja Francis - Mmm (Me now)

disney, princess, and pink image
Everything feels right without you by my side – Time to focus on me

Betty Who - Just thought you should know

faux fur, pink, and telephone image
I can still feel you – You're everywhere – I can taste your lips – Hear your voice in my head – And I know that I should shut my mouth – And just hang up the phone – But I still want you

Peg Parnevik - Loafers

drink and food image
We don't tell nobody, no one knows – But when the lights go down, down we go

Phoebe Ryan ft Quinn XCII - Middle finger

love, art, and girl image
I don't wanna waste another moment with us apart – Baby, this should be simple – Loving me is not that hard

Tove Styrke - I lied

gif, life, and peony image
I'm like really casual – I never get attached you know – I don't want you like that at all – I just ain't like that [ ... ] But the more time I spend with you – The more I feel like it just ain't true