Hey guys! I haven't written in a while since I didn't have such good ideas for an article, but something happened to me last week and I wanted to share it with you!

So last week my boyfriend recommended me for my first job: support english lessons. I gave the class and after that, the mom who I worked for, told another mom about me and now I'll be giving lessons to two kids meaning: mo' moneey. But how did I accomplish it? Here's a couple of tricks to land your first job:


I've never given anyone english lessons, so when I told my mom I wanted to teach, she told me to start with my little bro. Once she saw me do a good job, she started paying me! You need to know what you have to do in your new job and practice, so that when someone is willing to pay you for it, you do an awesome job and recommended!

Make a resume

My boyfriend insisted me many times on making a resume, so I finally did it and although I didn't use it, it helped me see what my qualities were, so when somebody asks my attributes, I knew exactly what to tell them.

Get yourself out there

I started by telling my boyfriend's family, so when his little sister knew of a friend who needed help, she called me and recommended me. You can post in social media what kind of job you are looking for, or tell some friends and tell them to spread the word, the more people you tell, more chances you have on landing the job. In this world you need connections, so if you can, try to make more friends and also tell them.

On the job

If you do a good job, you might get recommended for the next one, or even get promoted! So try as hard as you can and prepare yourself for the job, don't put your arms down just 'cause you got the job.


Do not ask too much money, since you don't have much experience. People may prefer someone who is still learning but charges less money, than someone experienced who charges too much money. Once you get started, and already have more experience, you can start asking for more, but in the meantime, do not exceed.

So here you have some of my experience and a couple of recommendations for your first job, I hope this was helpful!

Love you all.