Do you ever feel empty? I do. All the time. Sometimes I can't sleep at night. There's this weight pressing on my chest and I can't get rid of it, I keep gasping for air.
Do you ever feel like you are a completely different person inside your head? Then you wake up and you don't reconize what you see in the mirror.
I think emptiness is the worst feeling, because you can't stop it, it paralyzes you. You feel hopeless, you feel like you can't control your life anymore. You actually don't care anymore.
It makes you so tired, you stop fighting. You don't want to deal with anyhting, you just want to rest.
But this feeling doesn't last forever. I know it because I'm getting better everyday. I'm slowly healing.
Whenever I feel empty I take a break from the rest of the world. I try to read a book. I watch a comedy movie, or some good tv series. I write down my feelings, even if I always think it's stupid. Sometimes I take a shower or eat chocolate. Music and art are the best ways to distract yourself from this feeling. In the last days I discovered that fitness also helps a lot, along with setting yourself goals.
When emptiness makes you feel like nobody, write down who you are, how old are you, describe your life, talk about your family, talk about who you want to be. Talk about your fears, your regrets, let all your emotions out. When I feel empty I'm not able to show emotions or I feel like I'm going to cry over the smallest things.
Last but most important: when you feel empty you need to talk to someone. Anyone.
Don't let this feeling consume you. Don't ignore this feeling, because it will come again if you don't fight it.