Growing up

These words have been causing me a lot of internal conflicts in the last months.
Becoming an adult has not been very pleasant for me, because is the synonym for growing up, in other words, having more responsibilities, you have to decide must of your future, it stressed me out and scared me a lot but at the same time I know that it is okay to make mistakes, is part of growing up.

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I am in that part of my life where "growing up" involves choosing a career that defines your future or having the pressure for doing things before your time has gone, the pressure of enjoying every moment in high school, doing everything that other teens would do at your age, because if you do not do it you will regret it, but it is not correct, everyone has their one time for everything, we do not have to hurry anything, everyone at their one time will do it.

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I realized that growing up is part of the life, yes it is stressed full but you can´t stay in your teenage years forever and you have to assume and accept that.
Growing up will teach you a lot of things and will bring you amazing memories.
Enjoy every year of your life and do things you want to do, live for you. :)

Hope you like it.

✻ Pao ✻
✻ Pao ✻

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