Hey guys, I've been realy inactive but it is almost summer vacation so I'm going to be post more.

Here are a few of my favorite poems by Rupi Kaur.

when you plug ed the knife into me
you also began bleeding
my wound became your wound
didn't you know
love is a double-edged knife
you will suffer the way you make me suffer
rose, knife, and red image
i tried to find it
but there was no answer
at the end of the last conversation
aesthetic, girl, and sketch image
wish pure love and soft peace
upon the ones
who've been unkind to you
and keep moving forward
-this will free you both
art, planet, and black image
it is possible
to hate and love someone
i do it to myself
every day
blackandwhite, ghosts, and love image
i feel apprehensive
cause falling into you
means falling out of him and
i had not prepared for that
art, grunge, and pale image