Moving on after your first real relationship isn't easy. Some people will be fine after a week, I needed something like one month, my ex gave up even before we broke up... So, there is no rule how long it will take, but what is sure - you WILL move one.

Now, after two months I don't remember most of the arguments and I certainly forgot our good times. It's still hard to look at him, but it's not because of other girls next to him or my desire to go closer, no. I would love to never see him again because he hates me and that provokes many painful comments about me. But it's no longer a problem to see him kissing, hugging or laughing with others. I know I don't have any feelings for him. I finally realized I don't want to have him back in my life or heart.

So know, how to help yourself?

1. Selth - worth

If you know that you guys didn't broke up because of your worthlessness, you will be able to imagine your life without him and that's the first step to bounce back.
To pot some confidence use girlpower hashtag on WHI! (It's good every time, not only after break up)

2. Be creative

Sit down and write something. Write a letter how much you hate him (kidding) or a poem, or a song, or an article on WHI, or write about your story on wattpad or just on paper. If you don't like to write poetry, you can just call your emotions.
You can also draw or dance.

3. Make a list

Lists are always good idea. Make a to-do list if you want to stay busy to stop thinking about that asshole. Make a list of your best friends and other people important to you if it's hard for you to find a reason to live.

4. Don't isolate yourself

I remember I used to think I feel good crying on my own in room filled with old food, but nah, it wasn't good for my mental health. Go out! Call your friend from elementary school or visit long-not-seen cousin. If you don't want to just escape reality, you can hang out with someone who will willingly talk with you about your emotions.

5. Stay single

It's okay to be a single for a little while. You need to focus on your own worth without looking for someone else who would pretend your love. You will hurt that person and yourself. Don't look for next relationship when you care about the last boyfriend/girlfriend.

6. Take your time

I know, I know, it's the most anoying and unhelpful advice ever. BUT, you can't think that reading posts like this will make you forget about your past. By writing this, I want to help you get trough this hard time - not skip this period. It's just impossible.

7. Stay positive

The guy I used to date broke up with me because he got tired of my mental issues, suicidal thoughts etc. After he broke my heart in bilions of tiny pieces, my friends also told me I am too much for tchem and they can no longer stay in my life. So, I was suicidal, depressed, single, heartbroken and lonely. And even then, I found a reason to keep breathing. So you can, too! Even if hate to your ex is that reason! Just hold on to something. Anything..

Hope you will someone worth your time and love soon!

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