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I've been feeling sick lately. Morning sick. I haven't told Aaron yet. I'm worried. We never even had a conversation about kids. Or even about getting married. Now I'm pregnant. I'm supposed to be soo responsible. I'm supposed to have my life together and make all the right decisions. And now here I am. Pregnant. How am I going to handle a son or daughter?! Oh my goodness. I picked up my cat and held him. Bullet is my favorite cat. He's been with me through all my rough times. Now is another rough time. And he is here. I looked out the window and imagined what it'd be like to be a mother. I have the money to afford a child. Whether he wants to raise this kid with me or not, I will take on the challenge. I am not going to kill my baby. I put down Bullet and walked to the kitchen. I looked at the time on the stove. 20 minutes until he'd walk through the door wearing my favorite boots of his. Maybe it'd be the last time he walked through that door happy to see me. Maybe we'd break up. I was starting to feel sick again. I tried to distract myself. I'm pregnant. I'm so fucking pregnant. And with the harsh realization I ran to the bathroom to puke up the french toast I had for breakfast. Five cats wandered into the bathroom to see what was going on. I was too tired to close the door. How will the cats react to a baby? Will I have to get rid of one of them? And with that, I vomited some more. I groaned, flushed, and washed out my mouth. This is already exhausting.

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Bullet, Jet, and Stone
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I heard a car door slam. Aaron's home. Shit. The cats ran to greet him. Shadow, our gray cat, loves Aaron the most. I wonder if she'd be jealous of the baby....

Footsteps. Crap. Aaron's walking to the bathroom. I hear his heavy boot footsteps. "Babe? Are you ok?" he asked, after knocking on the bathroom door.

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I opened the door and showed him the positive pregnancy test. And then he fainted.