Roux and I have been spending our spare time working on an art piece together. I took my bike to meet her at the studio we've been using. I wasn't in the mood to take the bus. Roux knows a lot of people and her friend is also an artist and is nice enough to let us use his space whenever we wish.

bike and motorcycle image

This is what the angelic figure looks like so far.

sculpture image

I'm impressed with us. We've only been working on it for two weekends. I was exceptionally excited to come here today since Axel and I got into an argument. Whenever he gets drunk, he gets mean. He said some hurtful words to me and I'm not ready to forgive him yet. He knows my history and I never want to be abused physically, verbally, or emotionally ever again. I won't allow it. He's just a different person when he's drunk. Roux has a healing energy. I feel great when I'm around her. I'm looking forward to finishing this piece with her. Roux came in and put her bag down. I just finished putting my hair up and getting out the supplies we'll be using. "Hi," I said. "Hey," she smiled. Axel called about two seconds later. I looked at my phone and saw his stupid face. I sighed. The photo is from our trip to Moscow. It was SUCH a good trip.

boy, Ash Stymest, and tattoo image

"You okay?" Roux asked, sounding concerned. I didn't want to burden her with my problems. "Just relationship issues. I'll be fine. How are you?" I asked. "I'm here if you need me. You know that. And I'm doing alright. Looking forward to our time together and this piece we're working on," she said. "Me too," I smiled. We sat down and got to work. Axel called 10 more times. I ignored each call. I'm just waiting for him to show up. Roux's phone rang next. I swear, if he's calling her now I'm not going to be happy. "It's Indy," Roux said. She answered the phone and I continued to smooth out the wings on the angel. Roux gasped and her facial expression was filled with worry and horror. "What happened?" I mouthed to her. "Just breathe...we'll be there soon..," she said, then hung up. I wanted to know what happened but at the same time I was worried about what it would be. "Shiloh was shot. Indy thinks it has something to do with Cora," Roux said. "Oh no....he's victim one...no one's safe now....," I said. A numbness took over my body. What's next?...

Who's next?