Change your vision towards Life, accept both success and failure, let yourself get inspired by something or someone, try to come out of your comfort zone to live your life in a better way. Let yourself shine the world until the curtains of your life are falling down. Believe your own feet until you can stand by yourself. When nothing goes the way you want to take a deep breath and try to find the reason that it spoiling your happiness. Try to be happy with what you have and who you are. Be open to your loved ones because sometimes it can reduce the stress on your heart and brain by expressing what is destroying you inside. Love the way you are and let people accept you as it is. Do not change yourself for anyone else because the change has a very short time period. Let them go those who can’t accept the real you. Be original, eliminate drama from your life. Being a kid sometimes to make you happy and also the people around you. Be crazy and foolish sometimes to avoid prepare you for hard times. Respect everyone’s feelings but do not let them misuse yours. Try to find what makes you happy when you give on everything. Find why you born to change something or to destroy yourself. When you get to know why you born in this just do your efforts in the same direction. Don’t get hurt by the actions of others that is their opinion, not yours. If someone hurt you forgive him as nothing has happened to you because sometimes holding on hurts more than forgiveness. Trust the actions of God he will not take to the hill that you can’t climb. God will test you and make you stronger for the hard times of life so you can fight like a warrior to win the hardest battles of your life. God will give you that which is good for you, not that which is perfect for you. Trust yourself and God to live a full of peace and happiness. Before going to bed just discuss yourself everything hard you faced the whole day and sort out which is disturbing you and take a good sleep without worry. This little time of yours so you can solve so many worries in near future you can actually learn how to come out of the tricky situations easily in no time. We all fall for someone in our life and forgetting the happiness that we can only enjoy with ourselves when he/she was not there we have the way to live happily. Remember the good things that can make you smile and pleasure your mind that this happened to you and you really deserve it at that time.