Figuring out the best skin care routine is hard. Not having a skin routine could turn into a disaster. So lets say you have some sort of routine at school; go to class, get out pencils, get books, and then get started with the day and do that with every single class. Once its broken its really hard to get back on track right? Having something to do in the morning and in the afternoon is important to make sure you don’t break out nor have really oily skin/really dry skin. I have a skin care routines but its really hard for me to stick with them. I’ve put together some ways to stick to your morning routines and afternoon ones.

1.When you wake up write everything you need to accomplish in that morning and put down what you need to do that afternoon.
2.Also you can plan your routines out weekly. So lets say its Wednesday; you have to do two masks today and wash your face. (you should always wash your face lol)

Keeping the schedule you make will make you feel so accomplished. I have a little OCD and making sure everything is in its place is what I do. I usually use the second tip to stick with my routine because its easier to know how my week is going to look like. Providing my self with that lets me stay on track so I don’t miss my bus or my ride to school.

Lets get more into skin care and masks. I have regular to oily skin. So the key things I ask someone at a store is “where can I find(whatever skin care idem) for normal to oily skin?” Thats the one question you should be asking because what if you use something for dry skin and you have oily; it would most likely not be good for your skin. If your don’t know your skin type don’t worry just ask someone and they will help you figure out whats going to work for you.

When shopping online it could be confusing and overwhelming with various products you may or may not need. Going into a store could result you into asking questions witch is great. You could probably learn things about your skin that you didn’t know about.

Great now you know more about routines and being careful while your shopping for things your skin needs.

There are only about a few stores that I go to for my face. Ulta beauty, Sephora, and Target / Walmart. There are only at times when I find something at another store that I would buy. For me having certain places I go makes it easier for me to know my way around the store. This is really good because now I know where the face makes are or where the face scrubs are. Also most of these places have rewards apps/ cards to sign up for. signing up for these are really the best tool bc you get discounts or free items.

Getting samples (for free) is like candy now you have a feel for what the product is then great now you can get that item. Don’t get twisted up into the travel products they are over priced for the amount of product thats in it. If you really want to try coming out then just ask for a sample what could hurt from that, the least you probably pay for it is $1-2 dollors or they give it to you for free witch is even better. Usually they will give you the samples if you buy something. Thats not always the worst bc it could probably just be a face wash nothing big nor expensive.

Now that you have a feel for samples. You found something that you really like usually I would say go into the store to get it bus you don’t need to just go online and find your product and it will come to you. Don’t get into the mess of everything else that the same company makes. Just go and get your item and your free sample then leave. Your in then out. Its only different if your building a wish list for a holiday or birthday.

Don’t make any excuses for anything you buy there should be a valid reason for buying the product and not just because. Don’t quit on your self because you want something that your don’t need treat your self to a spa day or getting something a little bit more expensive then your budget. Just remember to get back on track honest time you go to the store.

In conclusion, sticking to your routine and budget can get you so far. Don’t stop your routine no matter what. If you decide to change something change it for the entire week not that day so you can get use to do in it.