Cosy Date

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1- Onezie and fluffy socks

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2- Grey jumper, messy bun, and leggings.

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3- Pyjamas

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Date Ideas

1- Build a big den and watch a film

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2- Study and listen to music

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Meal for two

1- A dress with pretty shoes

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2- Jeans with a classy top

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3- A skirt

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Best Food for a date

1- Steak- but sometimes it's quite tough to cut.

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2- Chicken

3- Salmon

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4- Pizza

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Movie night

1- Jeans and a stylish jacket

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2- A skirt

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Movies Out Now

1- Jurassic World

2- Solo- A Star Wars Story

3- The Incredibles

Beach Night

1- Shorts and jumper

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2- Jeans and top

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1- A dress

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2- Jeans and a shirt

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3- A tracksuit

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That's it for now but enjoy your date or even night out with family and friends.